Bleeding Physic Nut Tree of Orange River, St. Mary

Experience the Fascination of Good Friday: The Bleeding Physic Nut Tree of Orange River, St. Mary

Experience the Fascination of Good Friday: The Bleeding Physic Nut Tree of Orange River, St. Mary


Good Friday holds a special place in the heart
of Davion Fairweather, as it takes him back to the cherished memories of his youth spent in Orange
River, St. Mary to see the Bleeding Physic Nut Tree.

Fairweather’s fascination with Easter goes
beyond the typical traditions of bun and cheese or fried sprat. For him, it’s all about witnessing
the extraordinary event of chopping the physic nut tree at noon and watching it bleed.

The physic nut tree may appear ordinary on
regular days, small and unassuming, but come Easter Friday, it transforms into a breathtaking
spectacle as it bleeds a mesmerizing red sap. This remarkable occurrence draws scores of people
from the community, eager to witness the phenomenon firsthand.

As a child, Fairweather remembers a particular
tree in his neighbourhood that captured the attention of many. Even though the owner was less than
pleased with the crowd gathering in her yard, she couldn’t deter the curious onlookers. Fairweather
himself couldn’t resist taking a slice out of the tree, just to witness the fascinating sight of the
“bleeding” sap.



The red sap holds deep religious significance
for many Jamaicans. There is a widespread belief that the cross on which Jesus was crucified was made
from the physic nut tree, and the red sap symbolizes Jesus’ blood. On the other hand, scientists
explain that the “bleeding” phenomenon occurs due to the sap pressure within the tree.

As Fairweather grew older, he began to wonder
if climate change could be a factor influencing the tree’s behaviour. Nevertheless, the miraculous
event of the tree bleeding only on Good Friday intrigues him.

Evelyn Phipps, another resident of Orange River, firmly believes in the spiritual connection between the physic nut tree’s bleeding and the Creation story. For her, it is a reminder of God’s mighty power, just as the fig tree never bore fruit after Jesus cursed it.

The belief in the link between the bleeding tree and the crucifixion of Christ is widespread among Jamaicans. Patrick Thompson, a native of St. Mary, initially had his doubts. However, witnessing the tree bleed with his own eyes on multiple Good Fridays convinced him of the undeniable connection.

This extraordinary natural occurrence continues to captivate the hearts and minds of those who experience it, leaving them in awe of the power of God.


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