Food Delivery Driver Found Not Guilty After Shooting!

Landmark Verdict: Food Delivery Driver Acquitted in YouTube Prankster Shooting – Controversy Grips Leesburg, Virginia


Food Delivery Driver Found Not Guilty After Shooting!

Dive into the jaw-dropping legal drama as a food delivery driver is declared innocent in the
shooting of a YouTube prankster who relentlessly harassed him! Explore the controversial case
of Alan Colie’s acquittal and the shocking details surrounding Tanner Cook’s ‘Classified Goons’
channel. With over 50k subscribers, Cook’s antics push the boundaries, leaving audiences divided.
Are these pranks gone too far, or was the shooting justified? Share your thoughts on this
gripping legal battle now!


In a groundbreaking legal decision, a jury has rendered a verdict of not guilty in the case of
a food delivery driver involved in the shooting of a YouTube prankster who relentlessly followed
and harassing him within a Leesburg, Virginia mall.


Alan Colie, the accused, has been acquitted of the charge of aggravated malicious wounding
stemming from the incident involving Tanner Cook, the proprietor of the infamous
‘Classified Goons’ YouTube channel. Notably, Colie possesses a concealed carry license.


Tanner Cook’s ‘Classified Goons’ channel boasts an impressive following of over 50,000 subscribers,
featuring a repertoire of similar antics that include Cook feigning sickness on unsuspecting Uber
drivers and pestering shoppers in department stores. However, a growing sentiment suggests that
these audacious stunts are increasingly wearing thin on viewers, who yearn for more genuine content.


The question on everyone’s mind is this: Has the line between entertainment and personal safety
been crossed? We invite you to weigh in on this polarizing issue and share your thoughts on
whether the verdict was justified or if it took things too far.


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