Gun Misfires – Innocents Caught in Crossfire from Bank Guard’s!

Chaos Unleashed: Policewoman Caught in Crossfire as Gun Misfires!

Chaos Unleashed: Policewoman and Innocents Caught in Crossfire as Bank Guard's Gun Misfires!


In a startling turn of events, Gun misfires and chaos erupted outside NCB Portmore as a
member of the Beryllium security team accidentally shot three individuals,
including a policewoman.

The incident unfolded at 10:30 a.m. on Thursday,
casting a dark shadow over the usually peaceful West Trade Way in Portmore,
St. Catherine.

The unfortunate mishap occurred when the security guard, armed with a shotgun,
fumbled, leading to an unintentional discharge that left three people wounded.

The victims, conducting routine business outside the bank, fell prey to
the unexpected violence.

NCB, in a statement, revealed that one of the injured was rushed to the hospital.
while the other two sustained minor injuries.

The bank expressed its support for
those affected by this uncommon and regrettable occurrence.



In a shocking incident at NCB Portmore, a Beryllium security guard’s
An accidental gun discharge left a policewoman and two civilians injured.

The unforeseen mishap occurred outside the bank premises on West Trade
Way, Portmore, disrupting routine transactions at 10:30 a.m. on Thursday.

As the news unfolds, it’s revealed that the security guard, armed with a
shotgun, unintentionally triggered the weapon, causing harm to innocent
bystanders conducting business.

NCB promptly addressed the situation,
One person went to the hospital promptly, while the other…
Two sustained minor injuries. The entrance to NCB Portmore is temporarily
closed in the aftermath of this unfortunate event.