Phillip Paulwell’s Unimaginable Loss on Daughter Birthday

Heartbreaking Tragedy: Phillip Paulwell’s Unimaginable Loss on Daughter Sarayah’s 1st Birthday


Phillip Paulwell's Unimaginable Loss on Daughter Sarayah's 1st Birthday


On what should have been a joyful celebration of his daughter Sarayah’s first birthday, Phillip Paulwell, a veteran lawmaker, shares a heart-wrenching tribute on social media. Explore the shocking details of the tragic murder-for-hire plot that took the lives of Sarayah and her mother, Toshyna Patterson. Discover how the accused men’s guilty pleas have intensified this harrowing story. Join us in offering condolences to Mr Paulwell as he navigates this unimaginable loss.


On what would have marked the first birthday of his beloved daughter Sarayah, seasoned lawmaker Phillip Paulwell paid a poignant tribute to her, igniting a wave of emotions across his social media platforms.


“Happy birthday, our angel Sarayah, rest with the heavenly stars,” he shared.


Regrettably, ten-month-old Sarayah and her mother, Toshyna Patterson, fell victim to a horrific fate in September, caught in the sinister web of a murder-for-hire plot allegedly orchestrated by Leoda Bradshaw, a US Navy petty officer who also shares a child with Paulwell.


Paulwell’s heartfelt post, adorned with five precious snapshots of Sarayah, evoked a heartfelt outpouring of sympathy from his followers. Many expressed their deep respect for Paulwell and offered their sincerest condolences for his overwhelming loss.


One Instagram user wrote, “My condolences, MP. I admire your strength and pray that you emerge victorious from these trials.”


Another comment read, “This shatters my heart into countless pieces. Little Sarayah deserved none of this.”


A male Instagram user expressed, “My condolences MP (Paulwell). May the Almighty grant you the fortitude to heal.”


Tragically, young Sarayah and her mother were forcibly taken from their St. Andrew residence, subjected to a horrific ordeal, and their lifeless bodies were brutally disposed of on September 9.


Two individuals, whose identities remain concealed for security reasons, have recently admitted their involvement in the murder-for-hire plot. They are scheduled to be sentenced on November 15.



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