Commissioner of Police, Delivers Encouraging News

Gang-related murders declining, says top cop

Major crimes are down by 16 per cent


Commissioner of Police, Delivers Encouraging News


In a recent press conference, Major General Antony Anderson, the Commissioner of Police, revealed promising insights into the state of crime in our nation. While gang-related murders are showing a decline, interpersonal crimes have seen an unfortunate increase.


Commissioner of Police, Delivers Encouraging News

The half-year mark has brought about an overall reduction of 16 per cent in major crimes across the island compared to the same period last year. Specifically, murders have decreased by 13 per cent, shootings by 12 per cent, robberies by 23 per cent, break-ins by 12 per cent, and rape by 24 per cent.

Examining the murder statistics further, it was found that 67 per cent of the total murders this year were gang-related, while 20 per cent resulted from interpersonal disputes. This shift highlights a positive trend with a reduction in gang-related violence but raises concerns about the rise in interpersonal conflicts.

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To combat this issue, the police force has been actively engaging with various communities and
establishing domestic violence centres throughout the island. By addressing the root causes of
interpersonal conflicts, they aim to prevent more serious crimes from occurring.


With the momentum gained during this half-year mark, Commissioner Anderson confidently
predicts that the year will end with a reduction in all major crimes. However, he emphasizes
the crucial role the public plays in maintaining the safety of our society.


He urges all Jamaicans to report information about illegal firearms, criminal gangs, and perpetrators responsibly. This can be done by directly contacting the police or through social media channels.


By working together and fostering a united effort against crime, we can create a safer and more secure environment for everyone in our beloved nation.


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