Higgler Faces Serious Charges: Full Story Revealed

Man charged for attacking woman, threatening her to throw court case


Higgler Faces Serious Charges: Full Story Revealed



Discover the shocking story of
Denique Groves, a 41-year-old higgler from Shooters Hill Road, Kingston 17. This post
unravels the details of her recent run-in with the law, where she faces charges of burglary,
assault at common law, and assault occasioning bodily harm. Read on to find out what transpired
in her community on Wednesday, May 17, and the subsequent legal developments.


Shocking Incident Unveiled: Denique Groves Faces Serious Charges Stemming from Community Altercation


In a startling turn of events, the tranquil community of Shooters Hill Road, Kingston 17, was recently shaken by an incident involving 41-year-old higgler Denique Groves. This gripping narrative unfolds her alleged involvement in burglary, assault, and threats that have led to her facing serious legal consequences. The encounter, which occurred on Wednesday, May 17, has drawn significant attention from both local authorities and concerned citizens.

The Elletson Road police swiftly launched an investigation after reports surfaced that Denique Groves forcefully entered a woman’s home around 10:00 pm. During the unsettling event, it is alleged that Groves held a knife to the woman’s throat, making terrifying threats in an attempt to coerce her assistance in compromising a court case. A physical altercation ensued, resulting in Groves striking the woman in the face.

Authorities acted promptly, and on Monday, June 26, Groves was taken into custody, subsequently being charged on Friday, June 30. The gravity of the charges has set the stage for her appearance in the Kingston and St. Andrew Parish Court on Monday, July 10.


Stay tuned for further updates as the legal proceedings unfold in this gripping case that has captured the attention of the community and beyond. The implications of the incident are far-reaching, and the forthcoming court appearance will undoubtedly be a pivotal moment in the ongoing investigation.



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