Juvenile Offenders Charged with Trespassing

Juvenile Offenders Charged with Trespassing and Theft at Local School’s Tuck Shop

Teen boys break into school tuck shop


Authorities have recently apprehended two juvenile suspects involved in an incident of trespassing and theft at a primary school’s tuck shop on Laws Street in Kingston. The incident, which occurred on Saturday evening, has resulted in charges being filed against the teenagers.

The stolen goods, estimated to be worth over $50,000, have been partly recovered by the police.

Following a prompt report to the authorities, the unnamed 15-year-old and 14-year-old boys were taken into custody two days after the incident. Due to their status as minors, their identities are being withheld.

The legal proceedings for this case are
scheduled for July 6, when the defendants will appear in court to face the charges brought
against them.


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